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PeaceHealth is seeking a CT Technologist for a 0.9 full time equivalent Non-Exempt position. This position will be working Night shift with shift d...   More

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My Mother, My Hero
Mother and Daughter In April 1995, my mother was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. She was only 45 years old. The cancer was discovered only after she had a pathological fracture in her hip. The cancer had...   More
Innovations in Caring for Diabetes: Emerging Treatment Options
Blood drop on finger Insulin treatment for patients with diabetes was a landmark of the 20th century. In the second century of caring for diabetes, new drugs and entirely new classes of drugs will be available. Understanding the...   More
Some Days You Just Can't Win
Old man in bed “Watch out for that one”, was the warning. They were referring to one of the patients that would be under my care for the next twelve hours. I instantly raised my eyebrows and took an extra big swig from my...   More
One Step Forward
cropped image of a coffee with whipped cream on top Medicine advances through research; by technological progress, new discoveries, and the testing of new ideas. Yet despite these advances, many people find it increasingly difficult to choose health products.   More
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