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Welcome to! To search for a healthcare position in Toronto, ON or another medical job within Canada or the USA, please use the GREEN SEARCH BAR ABOVE. Feel free to register as a member or upload your resume or curriculum vitae to aid in your employment search - at no cost! Best of luck in your search!


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Peoplemenders is the online resource medical professionals rely on for information related to Toronto based medical careers and healthcare jobs in general. It's ideal for healthcare professionals looking to make connections with other professionals and institutions in Toronto.

As a resource for physicians, nurses and those in Allied Health, Peoplemenders offers a variety of tools that assist you in your career and your day to day work. Peoplemenders enables you to make connections with other professionals within the healthcare industry in Toronto. It also gives you access to the latest resources in terms of news and articles about the healthcare sector, including information regarding healthcare jobs, nursing jobs and medical careers.

For anyone looking to step into the healthcare profession, Peoplemenders provides great opportunities to connect with individuals, institutions and information that can help start a career or make a career change that better suits an individual's changing life. Through our rich resource base, information on nursing jobs and other medical careers in Toronto, contacts to other professionals can be accessed quickly and effectively.

Peoplemenders makes starting a medical career easier in several ways. We enable people to profile a career path and direct them to learning opportunities at various Toronto institutions, including possibilities for educational funding and various career related articles. For others who would simply like to move their medical career in another direction, Peoplemenders enables them to review available positions on our job board. For career professionals and people interested in starting a medical career Peoplemenders is an ideal resource which merges expertise and opportunities allowing you to make a difference in your work, your profession and your life.

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